Visit any of these establishments in Nashville next time you’re craving a good glass of wine and even better service! There’s nothing like kicking back with a new (or long time favorite) wine pour at any of these locations here in Music City. 

Belle Meade Winery Nashville

Belle Meade Winery

Nashville’s oldest winery rests on Harding Pike, sitting on a property that spans over thirty acres. Belle Meade Winery is a non profit winery that remains invested in the preservation of their over 200 years of history. Offering a selection of wines, bourbons, and food for tasting, the Belle Meade Winery takes pride in being an establishment that embodies the concept of Southern Charm. The prideful people at Belle Meade Winery are ready to help you take the wine tasting experience to the next level. Once you’ve taken the time to figure out what your favorite wine is, you can take bottles home or have them sent out as gifts. Belle Meade Winery offers shipping to most of the US and there is no better gift than a bottle of wine from Nashville. Open every day, Belle Meade Winery is happy to serve your party from 9:30 am – 5 pm so make your reservation soon.


Grinder’s Switch Winery Logo Nashville

Grinder’s Switch Winery

Since 2006, the Grinder’s Switch Winery has remained a family owned and operated right in the heart of middle Tennessee. With the Centerville location encased in over 100 acres of gorgeous nature, the winery itself takes up seven acres of the land leaving plenty of room for breathtaking views no matter where you are on the property. In 2015, the Grinder’s Switch family decided to expand into downtown Nashville, taking all of the winery’s best attributes with them. From 11 am – 5 pm every day, Grinder’s Switch in downtown Nashville offers the entire wine experience for everyone from couples to parties of more than ten people. Get ready to ask any questions that come to mind once you are sitting at the bar. Known for taking southern hospitality to another level, the staff at Grinder’s Switch Winery will talk with you about every available wine until the cows come home. Have a fun time sipping different wines inside of this old car factory turned bar and if you want to avoid the Nashville crowds, check into a private tasting for an intimate experience that truly beats sharing the room with strangers.


Love and Exile Winery and Bar Logo Nashville

Love and Exile Winery and Bar

Though Love and Exile Winery and Bar has only been a part of the Nashville scene for less than five years, these folk who own the establishment have been through their fair share of unfortunate circumstances. Locals in the area might remember when Nashville Urban Winery was the place to be, well Love and Exile is owned by the same people. Despite having to push forward through quarantine and a shattering tornado all in the year of 2020, the owners of Love and Exile Winery and Bar have managed to solidify themselves as part of Nashville no matter what comes their way. After the rebirth and renaming, Love and Exile has kept a steady supply of wines that are made right here in the city. From 4 pm until midnight most days and opening earlier on the weekends, Love and Exile Winery and Bar is ready to serve you wine that tastes just like Nashville. Sit down at this Main St bar and get cozy for the evening, the interior is so inviting you might never want to leave.


City Winery Nashville Logo Nashville

City Winery Nashville

Back in 2008, City Winery started out as a local hangout in New York made for wine enthusiasts that wanted to experience a range of flavors that break all of the traditional standards set for a great culinary experience. Here we are now in 2023 and we are so happy that City Winery has put down roots in Nashville. Now with locations throughout much of the US, this small-time winery has grown to be one of our favorite stops to try wine, eat some incredible meals, and even make your very own wine to take home. Each and every wine selected for feature at City Winery comes from the highest quality vineyards from all over the world. Take this experience to a top tier level and ask about making your very own wine, complete with a custom logo on each bottle. The folks at City Winery will even put your personal or company logos on bottles of wine that you can’t get enough of.


Arrington Vineyards Logo Nashville

Arrington Vineyards

At The Nashville Insider we can’t resist a good tour, especially when there are barrels of wine involved in the mix. Located less than 30 minutes away from Nashville is Arrington Vineyards on Patton Rd. Worth the incredibly short drive from just about anywhere in Nashville, Arrington Vineyards is the full service experience for any party you could imagine. Bachelorettes, families, even dates are all more fun when you let the staff at Arrington Vineyards guide you through an afternoon or evening. Set aside some time and take your pick from any of their event setups. From 45 minute bar tastings to a full three hour party, Arrington Vineyards is always prepped and ready for the occasion. The big party setup comes with an onsite caterer and decorative glasses for guests to take home. Take the short drive to Arrington Vineyards and spend some time with a variety of wines that all have one thing in common, you are going to want to inquire about taking a bottle home with you.


Best Chicken Salad Sandwhich in Nashville at di'vine
di’Vine House Logo Nashville

di’Vine House Nashville

Known for being the kind of quiet place where you can catch up with friends or catch up on a work proposal, di’Vine House is an eclectic place to sip some wine without having to worry that the surrounding crowd will end up being too rowdy. Find this spot on West End Ave next time you want to go out and sip on stellar wine choices and get some reading done while snacking on pastries or a dainty sandwich. Occasionally, you might find that di’Vine House is hosting a musical set, usually jazz or something low key. They never stray away from the quiet ambiance at di’Vine House, taking immense pride in being a venue that is for the social crowd that doesn’t need to be rowdy to have a fun outing. di’Vine house is the kind of establishment that goes out of their way to nourish the growing creative community here in Nashville so visit them on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday night from 6-11 pm to get a taste of something simply divine at di’Vine House. Who knows, you might meet the next most famous jazz musician of the century if the stars align for the visit.


Sixty Vines Logo Nashville

Sixty Vines

Assembly Food Hall on the corner of 5th & Broadway is a convenient spot that puts a variety of options all within a few steps of each other and Sixty Vines is where you want to visit to take a load off and relax with your favorite glass. Explore their over 60 wine choices and a seasonal menu that rotates to keep you stocked with only the freshest ingredients available. From noon until 10 pm normally, Sixty Vines offers variety, fun vibes, and flavors that will have any group of wine lovers wanting to stick around for a few hours to try as many of the tap wines as you can. Let this charming establishment be your stop for lunch or dinner while engaging in all that 5th & Broadway can offer. Within a couple of blocks, you are surrounded by live music, shopping, and countless activities when you visit Sixty Vines so refuel at the restaurant when you need to take a break from the constant motion of the area.



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