Welcome back to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog! As always, we are happy to have you here whether you’re a new visitor or someone who has already bookmarked this page. For first timers, don’t forget to save this page so you have ready access to all that you ever needed to know about taking a trip to Nashville. Even locals might be shocked to discover that the city has something new to offer. In a city like ours, trying to keep up with all there is to endure can be quite the task. Good thing for you, we can’t get enough of Music City and want to tell you all about it.

From Vegan food to interviews with locals, the Nashville Bar Bike Blog has a taste of all there is to do in the city. While you are making the list of local stores, music venues and outings, take a moment to read about the #BarBike and the tours we offer. If ever there was a better way to celebrate eloping with some close friends, the Eco-Friendly and affordable #BarBike tour would have to be it.

Since you made your way to this article, there must be some wedding bells tinkling off in the not so distant future. Did you search for a list of venues that offer elopement packages in Nashville? You are in luck if so, continue reading for a compilation of locations in the city that have your back for the planning process. Every budget and timing setup available, Nashville offers an array of smaller venues and party packages for couples wishing to stray from the giant fairytale wedding setup.

Rhinestone Wedding Chapel logo

Rhinestone Wedding Chapel

Featured at the top of our list, the Rhinestone Wedding Chapel might at first appear to be nothing more than a quick and convenient place to tie the knot, and it absolutely is. But take a moment to consider what weddings would have “rhinestone” in the title. While you can find options for traditional, full length ceremonies with all the bells and whistles at Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, we want to tell you about the “Fast Elvis” selection.

Nashville’s only Elvis themed chapel, the Rhinestone is ready to give you (and even a few guests) a fast, affordable and unforgettable elopement experience unlike any other in the city for under 500$. Walk down the aisle and dance to a live song performed by Elvis (impersonator) himself, sharing your moments with The King without having to make the trek all the way to Las Vegas.


We Eloped Nashville Logo

“We Eloped”

Prepare yourselves to utter the two words that no mother in law wants to hear from the happy couple a hundred times and understand why “We Eloped Nashville” is the perfect name choice for a fast wedding business. While they might move quickly, We Eloped does not skip out on any of the frills that make a union feel special. Even with the most standard elopement package available, your ceremony will be photographed and live streamed if you’d like to share with family. Having the photographer included in the cost has to be our favorite perk to mention, those savings alone make more room for honeymoon fun!

Pick from selections ranging from the basic “Just Married” all the way to “Platinum” and even ask about their nifty getaway car. Starting at under 300$ (you read that right, no typos) this is an affordable experience put together by folks who have been in the quick business of marriage for over 15 years.


Skinner Chapel by Rich Events Logo - Nashville

Skinner Chapel by Rich Events

Only large enough to house 20 guests, Skinner Chapel makes for a beautifully intimate elopement setup. From 5 minutes and out the door, to a two hour situation complete with ceremony and staged photos, Rich Events has this system down. Take the stress, guesswork and planning out of this big day so you can focus on the important part. Beautiful architecture provides enough natural light to make photos glow (more than the happy couple will be already) and you will leave feeling like you spent thousands of dollars on the perfect ceremony, while saving time and money. After one look at your backdrop selections, you won’t believe what is available for the cost. Saving money is an essential part of planning and Skinner takes that seriously.


Riverwood Mansion Nashville Logo

Riverwood Mansion

Yourself, your partner and up to 20 guests can find a small piece of paradise located at Riverwood Mansion for your elopement. So many various bits can be chosen for your ceremony, making the elopement feel almost like a full blown wedding. Despite being located in the middle of Tennessee, Riverwood Mansion feels like something straight out of those classic Hollywood “Golden Era” film sets. Take one look at the gardens and wedding arch on their website and you will fall more in love with the venue than your own relationship. With every option available for your ceremony, Riverwood Mansion is a private, unique and exciting way to celebrate the happiest day of your life. Go as intricate or simple as you’d like, the folks at Riverwood Mansion have everything that you need for a day made just for you.


Cheekwood Estates Logo Nashville

Cheekwood Estates


Mentioned often here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, Cheekwood Estates is understood to be on of Nashville’s most aesthetically incredible locations in the area, even on regular days of the week. For your special day, the only change is that the staff of these grounds go out of their way to give you the wedding out of the dreams you have not even started to have yet. Flowers all over the color spectrum surround you on every end of this property and will serve as the backdrop for portraits you are going to cherish for years to come. Cheekwood loves to see happy couples elope and enjoy the experience on a personal level so check out their elopement options now.

Be sure to take a moment and look back through past articles we’ve posted here on the blog. Cheekwood Estates is mentioned regularly, with good reason. All occasions are made more memorable at these iconic gardens and they have a fully stocked calender year round. Their calender keeps more events on it than most regular venues and you will understand why upon entrance. Something hits differently when the aesthetic comes from being in what feels like a real life Garden of Eden, no matter where you find yourself on the property.


Legacy Farms Logo Nashville

Legacy Farms

Looking for the full on wedding experience without having to do the planning or spend hours at the venue? For a bit more than the standard quick ceremony, Legacy Farms includes an elopement package that is closer to a full blown wedding than any other mention on our list. Though the price tag might be a bit larger, this deal is still a steal with how many features are included. Flowers, photos, décor and any other minor detail will be fully handled by the staff at Legacy Farms so you are able to fully enjoy the experience shared with your partner. Technically, you would be able to consider this ceremony easily labeled as an “elopement” ceremony, but you won’t be able to tell the difference from those that cost triple what you will pay.


Belmont Mansion Nashville Logo

Belmont Mansion

Located proudly atop the third highest hill in all of Nashville, Belmont Mansion is eagerly anticipating the arrival of your elopement party. Victorian style architecture, a grand staircase and gorgeous landscapes are only a couple of elements to what makes this small wedding package feel so special. With priced packages beginning at only 100$, Belmont Mansion gives every couple the total experience, even if they are pull off something quick and simple. Options for the most picky of couples are ready for you at Belmont Mansion and they can’t wait to help finalize every single detail.


Nashville Zoo Logo

Nashville Zoo

Not quite offering what would be called the “elopement” package, we are stoked to mention the Nashville Zoo yet again as a list option. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, we are quite fond of the massive zoo, home to over 350 species of animals spread out over 90 acres of land. Past mentions of activities hosted at the Nashville Zoo tend to litter our articles any chance we get, but this one is special. What would be better described as a “micro” wedding, this venue has the prime backdrop for your perfect day full of love. Surround yourself with lush wildlife and don’t worry about the fuss, the Nashville Zoo will take your wedding day from ordinary elopement to full on extraordinary bash.



Now that you know where you want to elope (or at least have a selection of options) then your next step is preparing for the event. While you do not have to be an active resident of the city, to be married in Nashville, you must first apply for a marriage license through Davidson County. Before you scoff and roll your eyes, don’t be too upset. Easily enough, you can apply right on the website before coming in to the courthouse. For just under 100$ the license is yours with relevant documents. Here’s a fun fact though, couples who are able to complete a Premarital Preparation Course within a year of applying are able to wave 60$ off of that fee. Here in Nashville, we are a popular destination for weddings and we want all of our couples to remain happy for many years. Truly one of the easiest and most beautiful locations to spend your wedding, whether it be full fairytale or courthouse and dip, Music City can’t wait to share the experience with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us assist in your wedding planning process, we are so glad that you made your way to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog in your searches. Don’t forget, we have more than enough material here on the site to keep you in awe of how Nashville continues to grow and change over time. For many, the planning process can be somewhat overwhelming and this is especially true when tying the knot. We hope to have eased a bit of your stress with the process.

Keep coming back here to the blog often and stay up to date with all that Nashville is waiting to offer you and be sure to look through our tour options. Taking a ride on the #BarBike is the sure fire way to impress everyone in your party, so you won’t want to miss out on this chance.