While we are all fond of knowing Nashville as Music City, a place where there’s a bar for every genre, there’s much more to the city. Here on the Nashville Bar Bike blog, we are going to take a break from the bars, restaurants and venues that just seem to pop up around every inch of the city. Though music is what keeps us going, there always seems to be something exciting popping up on our radar. Even those of us who have lived here for ages occasionally find ourselves surprised while trying to keep up with Nashville’s ever changing and growing activities calender.

This week, we want to take a moment and show off what Nashville has to offer for a family vacation. If you’re planning a trip that includes the whole family, you’ve come to the right blog. From arcades to theme parks, water parks and awesome food along the way, you won’t have to worry about where to take the family out for a day of fun and memory making. Keep on reading to learn more about what Nashville can offer your family while here on vacation. Make it through the entire article to find out how to book a tour on the #BarBike once the kids are ready for bed. You’ll want to stay through the entire piece, there’s plenty of fun waiting for you and your party of all ages here in Nashville. Virtual reality, learning that is actually fun and adventures you could not dream up on your own are waiting for your family here in the city.

Game Terminal

4.7 ★
While the Game Terminal is a bar and arcade, between 4-8pm you don’t have to be 21 to enjoy the free games inside. Boasting itself as Nashville’s largest arcade/game center, Game Terminal is home to the favorites from your past, everything from Pac Man to the Pinball machines you’d almost forgotten about. Food trucks regularly rotate in this venue so you’ll want to visit over and over. Two visits are a minimum requirement if you’re going to make an attempt to play every game available. 10,000 square feet of games is guaranteed to keep your family busy for a couple of hours. Though you are not required to make any sort of reservation at Game Terminal, this spot is known for filling up fast so checking in might be a good idea.


Treetop Adventure Park

4.7 ★
Even though the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort is technically 10 miles away from Nashville, we could not resist making mention of the Treetop Adventure Park experience. Take a trip through the woods near the resort in a way that is more than just hiking to a pretty spot. Strap in to one of the zipline based courses with everyone in your family for a bonding experience like no other. Treetop Adventure Park has multiple courses for everyone in your group, just be sure to make a reservation before you stop by! With online waivers to sign and gear to strap on, you will want to try to be as prepared as possible before arriving.


Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort Water Park

4.3 ★
Just like the Treetop Adventure Park, we could not go through this entire article without mentioning the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort Water Park. First of all, this water park stands out above the rest because of the view alone. Imagine being able to climb to the top of a waterslide and sit down only to notice Percy Priest Lake’s vast beauty stretching out beneath you.

View aside, you can experience 8 water slides, a wave pool or a relaxing float down the lazy river at Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort Water Park. Groups of over 15 can even take advantage of group rates that will help save money too! Heck, you might not even have to leave the resort to have a full vacation experience, but we still suggest you come out for a ride on the #BarBike.


Nashville Adventure Science Center

4.6 ★ For almost seventy-five years, the Nashville Adventure Science Center has found a way to make science interesting for kids of all ages (even the adult ones) and continues to do so. While the idea of learning for fun might not be something that excites everyone in your group, if you can get them inside, you’ll have them hooked. Interactive exhibits galore, virtual reality and much more is just begging to be experienced at the Nashville Adventure Science Center. If you’re lucky, you might even be in town for one of their events that are regularly hosted. Who knew that learning could be so exciting?? DIRECTIONS

Wave Country Water Park

4.4 ★
Looking for a low-key, easy and affordable way to relax with the kids while you’re in Nashville? Wave Country Water Park might not be the largest, or most showy attraction but is worth a visit for anyone wanting to just get away, but still have some youngins to entertain in the process. Admission rates for children are even half priced from Tuesday through Thursday. Wave Country Water Park is one of those small gems, just a simple way to spend an afternoon enjoying a wave pool and water slides without breaking the bank.


Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

4.6 ★ Gaylord Opryland Resort is known by many to be one of those places that you just HAVE to spend some time at while you’re in the city. Family fun from all over the spectrum is ready to be had at this location. Whether you are on a mission to enjoy some water sports at the four acre large SoundWaves aquatic wonderland, or want to check out one of nine indoor atrium exhibits, there is something going on every moment of your stay at the Opryland Resort.? DIRECTIONS

Nashville Zoo

4.5 ★
Trying to tire out your troop while learning about more than 300 species of animals all at the same time? Well, you’ve found a gold mine in the Nashville Zoo. With almost 200 acres of space to explore, you may have to search a bit to find each animal, as they all have a ton of room in their habitats. From 9am-6pm every day (and sometimes even later for special events) you can head over to the Nashville Zoo for some educational fun and exploration. Known as one of Nashville’s top visited attractions, one visit and you will immediately see why families come back to visit again and again. Do not miss out on special occasions and events by checking out their website before making the trip. You never know what will be going on from one day to the next.


Honorable Mention:

Nashville Bar Bike

5.0 ★ While the #BarBike is meant to be enjoyed by well, bar going patrons, our tour unfortunately did not technically make the list. But, you know we were not going to end this article without reminding you about how fun and entirely affordable our tours are for guests over 21 years of age. Take an eco-friendly ride on our Bar Bike with your best friends through downtown Nashville and get to experience our lovely city in a way that is unmatched by any normal walking tour. Tickets to ride the bar bike start at just 25$ a seat and the bike can hold up to 15 passengers. Book your tour today by clicking the “Book Now” button in the middle of our homepage. Even though we are not considered to be a “family” friendly attraction, we can promise you that our guests are friendly and knowledgeable of Nashville. Can’t wait to ride with you on the #BarBike!


Nashville might be known for its attachment to Country music, but there is so much more to the area. Even if you are visiting for the 50th time in a year, there is no way to cover everything that the city has to offer to guests from all ages and walks of life. While this list does not even begin to scratch the surface of all that goes on in Nashville, it’s definitely a solid start to what will be covered again by us here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog. If you were not able to find exactly the activity that you’d want to enjoy, don’t fret! You can bookmark this page and keep checking back to the blog, or reading past articles for more information. When it comes to Nashville, we have either already covered the topic or are going to get to it very soon. Reach out to us directly on Facebook or Instagram if there is some venue, place or event that we should shine the Bar Bike spotlight on. We always look forward to hearing from our guests.

Stay on the lookout for more pieces from us in the near future. From Nashville’s finest local bands to a definitive list of all the museums in our area and what they have to offer. While the country is opening back up and starting to regain some sense of normality, we here at Nashville Bar Bike will always be around to keep you and yours up to date and informed about the city. There’s truly no limit to what you can discover on a trip to Nashville so plan yours today and don’t forget to keep checking back to the blog to see what we decide to talk about that day.