Available Positions

Tour Guide Operator Positions At Nashville Bar Bike

Tour Guide Operator

  • Responsible for driving the bike, while bartending & DJing (multi-tasking is a key part of the gig)
  • Must Have a Valid Driver’s License
  • Must be 21+ years old
  • Love working outside and working with tourists
  • Required to get an “F’ endorsement on your TN license and have $100 for fees to pay for:
    • Permit from the Transportation Licensing Commission.
    • Background Check Fees

Application Form

Are You At least 21 years old?

Do You Have a Valid Driver's License?

Are You Willing to Undergo a Background Check?

Are You Willing To Work Outside & Engage With Tourist?

Do You Have $100 to Pay for F Endorsement on License & Your Background Check?

12 + 2 =