Here in Nashville, there’s one thing that we never tire of talking about, in great detail, to any poor unsuspecting soul who decides to bring up the concept of Music City. That’s right, you already know we are hyped to talk more about the musicians that made this city, and keep it great. Here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, we have a habit of making lists, lists of all the things in Nashville that you may not have known you needed in this lifetime. Well, today is no different and we wanted to take a second to focus not just on museums, but the ones specifically influenced by musicians. There’s nothing quite like wandering through the Patsy Cline Museum, or for the musicians in your group, a walk through the Gallery of Iconic Guitars. Keep on the lookout for more posts like this one, you may even see another compilation of museums, there’s more to cover than just the music, even if that is our favorite way to lean here at Nashville Bar Bike. When you live in Music City, sometimes you forget that there are other reasons to chill in Nashville.

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Country Music Hall of Fame

4.6 ★
Not just a physical series of exhibits, but also a plethora of online activities to choose from, the Country Music Hall of Fame was definitely meant to be at the top of this list. From 1967 and continuing on until someone decides to stop them, which will never happen, the Country Music Hall of Fame has taken on the challenge of providing us with an account of Country and Western music throughout history, providing us with the greatest tales of how this creation style has shaped not just Nashville, but musical creation as we know it. Of the almost 18k museums in the country, the Country Music Hall of Fame is one of the around 1k that are accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Even if you’re not taking a trip to Nashville anytime soon, you can always check out their website with interactive virtual exhibits that are just as informative as an in person visit.


Patsy Cline Museum

4.5 ★
One of the best deals available for museums in the area, the Patsy Cline Museum costs under 20$ for adults to visit, even less for children. Located right above the Johnny Cash Museum, you can spend a whole day losing yourself in the nostalgia that is Patsy Cline and the massive influence that she had on Country and Western Music as a whole. The only days that this museum is not open to the public are Thanksgiving and Christmas, so plan your trip for anytime during the year. With a self-guided style of touring, you’re bound to spend at least a couple of hours wandering through these artifacts, some that have never been seen by the general public. Even though we lost Patsy at the young age of 30, her legacy was enough to fill this entire building and keep music fans from all generations wanting to stop by and see what’s around.


Johnny Cash Museum

4.6 ★
Multi-ranked as the Number 1 music museum by a variety of different sources, the Johnny Cash Museum is the world’s largest collection of Cash memorabilia available to the public. Also closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Johnny Cash Museum is open 7 days a week otherwise. If you’re wandering through the museum and end up hungry from all the excitement, you can head next door to the Johnny Cash Museum Cafe for southern cooking that is out of this world.


Jefferson Street Sound

4.8 ★
Nashville is one of those proud cities, always happy to tell the story of its roots to anyone interested in standing still long enough. If you want to learn more about the smaller areas of Nashville that were walked on by legends like Jimmy Hendrix and Little Richard, Jefferson Street Sound is here for your nostalgic needs. Specializing in the history of R&B and Blues styles of musical creation, Jefferson Street Sound is a nice break from all the Country and Western displays, even though we NEVER get sick of those particular styles of museum.


The Gallery of Iconic Guitars

4.7 ★
Currently on a “temporarily closed” status due to Covid19 restrictions, but still hopeful to open back up as the country’s restrictions are being lifted, the Gallery of Iconic Guitars is the type of place that you will want to drop off your guitar playing friends, and just come pick them up later. Any level of creative musician will find themselves lost in walls upon walls of iconic guitars that have been a staple of history as known by musicians. Featuring a small stage that is home to various displays, concerts and who knows what, the Gallery of Iconic Guitars is the place to be if you’re interested in instruments in any way. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, we are especially looking forward to the reopening of this location.


Willie Nelson and Friends Museum

4.4 ★
While this museum grabs your attention by the mention of Willie Nelson, the “friends” aspect is what caught us here at Nashville Bar Bike. Not just a place to house the memorabilia of Willie, you’ll find a variety of iconic pieces left by names that you know and love. From Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty and more, the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum is bound to make you stop and want to explore just a bit longer. Feel free to bring your camera in, they encourage photography in the building and know you will want to keep coming back again and again.


Glenn Campbell Museum

5.0 ★
Widely regarded as the Greatest Guitar Player to Ever Play, Glenn Campbell was The Rhinestone Cowboy who we all remember from the moment that first chord is strummed. Another reason for Broadway Street to be so well known, the Glenn Campbell Museum is located right in the heart of Nashville’s busiest area. Walk in and check out guitars, stage outfits, props and many other items that were a huge part of what helped Glenn Campbell become the icon that he still is today, despite having been deceased for so long. You can even check out his passion for golfing, yes, golfing alongside intimate family portraits that can’t even be found online at this point.


Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

4.6 ★
From Country music to Rock N’ Roll, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is a little bit like the Osmand’s in that sense. Set to reopen on July 2, music lovers from Motown to Country and back will rejoice when the doors unlock for guests. You can check out memorabilia, photos, videos, and even sound booths that were used by the greats when you wander through this museum. If you’re looking for the place to host an event that is sure to impress, check out their website for more info on how to do that.



Well there you have it, a list of places to visit when you’re wanting to know just how far Music City had to travel before becoming an accepted part of history. Though there are a few that did not make this particular list, stay on the lookout for more articles about museums in the city. Here’s a secret, we’re already working on another one. If you haven’t already, take a look at our past articles and what all we have covered. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, we have two goals in mind when we make the posts for you. One, we want you to take a moment and read our FAQ tab for information on how to book your tour on the #PartyBike, the fun, eco-friendly way to get to know our favorite city with the best hosts around. Two, we are here to make sure that you enjoy every moment of your trip, visit or extended to this wonderful city. With so much happening in Nashville every day, becoming overwhelmed with the planning process is bound to happen. So we take a moment every week or so to help you pick through the hundreds of thousands of ways to spend your time here with lists and interviews.

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