Welcome back to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, your favorite place to find out all you ever wanted to learn about taking a visit through our favorite city in the entire country. If you did not know already, we are full of pride about living in what we fondly refer to as “Music City” because it truly is just that. Run by musical talent and enjoyed by all who visit, Nashville is the type of place that you visit when you have a serious craving for live music. Whether it be local bar bands, a tour through the Ryman, a visit to Ernest Tubb’s Records or a sold out stadium concert, this city has a bit for all the music lovers out there. More often than not, the first genre that anyone who knows even a little bit about Nashville will consider in regards to the city, is Country music. Honky Tonks, Bluegrass Bars and Country Chapels like the Ryman Auditorium have been home to the greats of Western style music for as long as we can remember. Be sure to check back through our past articles, there’s even a historic take on Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop through the eyes of a once local musician. While Country music is near and dear to the hearts of all who wander our way, that is not what we are here to discuss with you this week.

This week, here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, we want to take a second and talk about something a little different from what one would normally find when searching for bands in the city. Country music is absolutely a staple of Nashville and something we have a habit of discussing quite often, but not today. Keep on reading to learn about some locally based musicians who go against Music City’s norm and produce content that isn’t just for cowboys. There is much more to Nashville’s Indie music than meets the eye and each one of these bands is proof of just that.

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Now, on to the real reason you are here today. Enjoy 9 Nashville based bands that are not specifically involved in Country/Western genres.

Spirits Republic

Spirits Republic

First up on the list is a band that identifies as Nashville’s own “Altexperifunkadelia” genre is Spirits Republic. If you are the type of person who wants to dance when you go out, head over to bars like The Underdog on Gallatin Pike one night when they are playing. Smooth vocals, funky bass lines and an overall trippy vibe combine in the most cohesive way with Spirits Republic. Check out their two recently released singles wherever you like to stream music, including a wicked cover of “Kids” by MGMT. We can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!

Hudson Valley Nashville

Hudson Valley

When you hear about Hudson Valley, that might be because they are playing all over the place here in Nashville. Turn on any local channel or wander into a number of bars to understand what we are talking about. From 3rd & Lindsley to Good Morning Nashville, you will recognize their rock influenced, sound in every corner of the city. From the moment this group of four started their journey in 2018, Hudson Valley has been putting out consistently great music and will continue to do so for what seems like forever. While some might consider this band to be country, the sound is too heavy to be held back by the generalization. We could not write this piece without featuring Hudson Valley. Check out their latest single “Let Me Drink About It” on major streaming services and you will be hooked.

Bleaker Band - Nashville


Two-Piece band Bleaker, residing in Nashville is exactly what the rebel in you needs to experience while you’re in the city. Don’t miss out on one of the most intense punk shows around, you can find them all over the local area. Look for them at venues like The Shed or The Underdog and stream the new single “lately” for a taste of awesome indie rock. Alt lovers are sure to be interested in the live performance from first listen.

Slow Pass Band Nashville

Slow Pass

Slow Pass is an indie/psych rock, two-piece band that jams hard and is still fresh on the music scene. Whether they are gracing the stages of EXIT/IN with their truly unique, synthetic sound, or just blaring their new single “White Knuckles” through your speakers, you are bound to have never heard anything like Slow Pass. Hipsters will want to jump on the opportunity to fall in love with this band before they blow up, and they will.

Smallville Band Nashville


No, not the cheesy television show but something even better. Smallville is a band right out of Tennessee that has a new single out, just a teaser to their upcoming record. If hard hitting lyrics that make you feel something sounds like a bad time to you, then do not check out Smallville. But, if you want to get deeper with the musicians providing an ear catching tune, you will want to keep an eye out for this band’s new album.

The Reveal Band Nashville

The Reveal

Steadily climbing up the ladder that is Nashville’s music scene, The Reveal is widely understood to have a stage presence that is only matched by their sound. We can all agree here that this group is one you will want to catch anytime you get a chance. Playing stages like 5 Spot Downtown, this three-piece group is a rock outfit that you will put on again and again. Having come all the way from Indiana, you’ll be happy to see them in Music City anytime they are around.

Year of October Band Nashville

Year of October

When a band is described by fans as a mix of Amy Winehouse fronting Black Sabbath, you have to check them out, right? If a party is what you are on a mission to find, Year of October always delivers. Check out their Wastelands album and find out for yourself why this funky rock band is one of the favorites around here.

Highland Kits Band Nashville

Highland Kites

Ambient sounding music and deep lyrics come together in Highland Kites, a band that made the trek all the way from Los Angeles to here in Nashville. If you are into dreamy vibes and words that will make you stop for a moment and contemplate life, look no further than Highland Kites. Check out their new single “Fences” wherever you like to stream.

Chill Pill 90s band

Chill Pill

Ambient sounding music and deep lyrics come together in Highland Kites, a band that made the trek all the way from Los Angeles to here in Nashville. If you are into dreamy vibes and words that will make you stop for a moment and contemplate life, look no further than Highland Kites. Check out their new single “Fences” wherever you like to stream.


Music City can usually be interpreted at synonymous with Country music, and with good reason. All of the greats have lived, created and played here in Nashville when it comes to Western music but that is not even close to what this talented and driven city has to offer any creative scene. Among the Cowboy Boots and Honky Tonks lies an entire community of talent that resides in a completely different world from what has been highlighted over the years. But, this particle article was not for those greats. Nashville is not just for Cowboys, despite how we tend to lean in that direction any chance we get. Sue us, we have a special sort of love for Country and Western music, but that isn’t all that the city has to offer. We hope you have enjoyed a look into some of the local bands that are making quite the names for themselves, even in the midst of everything going on in the world right now.

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