Welcome back to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, the one place where you can click around and find out just about anything you would ever need to know about planning a visit (or extended stay) here in our favorite city to be in. Come around for one trip and you will be just as hooked, no doubt there. Whether you call it “Music City” or just good ol’ “Nashville” we know you and your party will end up having fun while you are here, no matter what is in your plans or what time of year you choose. Along with being an area that looks for any excuse to throw a big shin-dig, we have a knack for celebrating any holiday we can think of, maybe even making up a few of our own along the way. You can even check out our past posts about what to do at Christmas if you are trying to get ahead on your holiday plans for later in the year. 

One holiday we won’t have to try too hard to celebrate is Halloween. Along with the classics, Halloween parties, trick or treating and especially the part where kids of all ages (and we mean ALL) get to dress up for the afternoon like their favorite monsters and characters, you know we don’t ever just stick to the basics here in Nashville. This year, with Halloween falling on a Sunday and new rules in place, we know that planning for this time might get a tad tricky depending on what your family is used to doing or where you will be. So for this week’s post, we wanted to take a moment to outline a couple of different options we have going on for not just Halloween in 2021. Starting the party early and keeping it going until the last possible moment (sometimes even after) so we’ve got an entire month’s worth of fun happening this year, and every year after if we’re being entirely honest. 

Keep on reading to find out all you need to know about trunk-or-treats, Fall Festivals and other events going on this year. At the time of writing this particular post, the events are all still happening and we will do our best to re-update the list if anything changes. So grab your big plastic pumpkin, pillow case or just a plain old plastic bag and get hyped for a handful of family friendly alternatives to Trick-Or-Treating while you are in Nashville this Halloween season. Also, keep on checking back here to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, maybe even click that “bookmark” tab because we regularly update our content to give you more ideas for your visit with us!

Cheekwood Pooch Parade October 2021

Cheekwood Halloween Pooch Parade

October 23rd | 9am – 5pm
One week before Halloween, on October 23 you can head over to Cheekwood Estates and Gardens for an event that is truly unique to what we have all gotten used to for Halloween. Even if you have made the visit to this beautiful estate on a normal day (whatever “normal” is for us around here) you will want to make another trip to check out the Halloween Pooch Parade. How many chances will you get to celebrate the haunted holiday with your favorite 4 legged family friend? Vendors, food trucks and puppy dogs will be ready and dressed up along with their owners at this event so if you are a dog person, or just love a family friendly time, you will absolutely want to check this out. From 9am-4pm on October 23, head on out to Cheekwood and spend the day with us! Don’t forget to prepare your puppy with a fun costume so they can get in on the fun too!


Nashville Nightmares 2021 Haunted Halloween

Nashville Nightmare Haunted Halloween

4.4 ★
Not generally intended for the average child under age 12, this series of haunted houses is a little more than your standard family down the street running around with a chainless chainsaw. Who are we kidding? This is HUGE, way more than average, even by the standard of haunted houses we have grown accustomed to in recent years. Five different attractions are waiting to scare the pants off of whoever decides to take a stroll through Nashville Nightmare Haunted Halloween. Located in Madison Square with plenty of parking at the nearby mall, you will want to go ahead and book tickets for this event, they are selling out quickly! If you are skeptical of the potential that lies within Nashville Nightmare Haunted Halloween, watch one trailer on the website and no further convincing is needed. Leave a comment on our social media if you do check it out and let us know how it went!


Boo at the Zoo - Nashville Zoo Halloween Show

Boo at the Zoo

October 15-17 | 5pm – 9pm
The Nashville Zoo has always been a favorite here at Nashville Bar Bike, who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Trick or treat stations, pumpkin patches, dancing and plenty of costumed fun are just a few of the things going on for Boo at the Zoo. Check their website to find out what days the festivities are happening, dress up in your favorite costume, and prepare for a wonderfully fun and family friendly time! Known for being the spot to be when organizing a family-friendly event, The Nashville Zoo has been featured here on the blog a few times, and probably will continue to gain mention as they add more things to do all the time!


Halloween Photoshoot Nashville

Haunted Halloween Photo Shoots

October 17th | 10am – 5pm
One day only, October 17, 2021 you can schedule a photo shoot that will bring all of your creepy, mystical and magical costume dreams to life. Wild Artistry Photography is a truly creative photographer who can make you into the costumed creature that you’ve always wanted to try out. If ever you needed an excuse to turn yourself, your kids, or even your partner into a mythical critter, this is it. Get crazy, creative and cool about Halloween this year with a keepsake that is truly unmatched by most standard event photos. Book your session now and be prepared to take home something that will be unique, fun and well worth the time. You will be looking forward to catching a glimpse of this photo shoot every Halloween for many years to come.


Halloween Photoshoot Nashville

Goblins and Giggles at Gaylord Opryland

Sep. 10th – Oct. 31st
Naturally, a list of attractions for any holiday celebration in Nashville is going to be required to include Opryland. Anytime there is an excuse to celebrate, the folks over at this classic location are likely to take it and get super into it all. Spooky bedtime stories, escape rooms, rides and much more will be on the schedule from Stept 10 through October 24th. Halloween lovers of all ages can find a thing or two to indulge in with a visit to Opryland. Don’t forget to check out their calender to see what’s going on for the other holidays, this particular staple has a reputation for doing the absolute most with decorations, games and any other part of celebrating that one could possibly consider. Remind us to tell you about how intense Christmas can get at Opryland.


Donut Distillery Nashville

Halloween & Habiliments Costume Party

Oct. 23rd | 4pm
Sponsored by Uniquity Productions, The Drunken Pirate and Donut Distillery, Halloween & Habiliments is hosting an event that is not just a fun thing to do this Halloween. Take a search through your clothes and gather up a bag of gently used winter clothes of all sizes. With the bag of clothes, you will be able to enter the event, otherwise tickets are only 5$ and the cost will be going to those in need of winter garments this year. Come out and join this epic party on Saturday, October 23. This is an all ages event and music starts at 4pm.



Thanks again for taking the time to read through this article for some alternatives to the same old Trick-Or-Treating and bobbing for apples. That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy the classics here at Nashville Bar Bike, surely you might find one of our hosts wanting to Trick-Or-Treat. They might even know where to find the best neighborhoods to do it in. One of the greatest tips we can give you from the #BarBike is this, always ask your hosts what their opinions are on places to go in Nashville, after you have read all of our articles here on the blog. While you’re here, if you have not done so already, take a few minutes to read past posts we have done. Along with being able to gain insider info on where to eat, drink and party in the city, you might learn a thing or three along the way. Movies that have been filmed in the area, Happy Hour Specials and even interviews with musicians are just a handful of themes that we take a dive into. Just like Nashville in general, the Nashville Bar Bike Blog is a melting pot of different people, venues and experiences ready to be delighted in by guests of all ages.

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