Just like always, welcome back to the Nashville Bar Bike Blog! You’ve managed to find yourself in the one corner of the internet that is guaranteed to help you figure out what to do in the city that we love the most. We are happy to know that you have chosen to come to us in your hour of need. Are you planning your first trip to Nashville? Have you visited us a couple of times already but are still at a loss of where to start on the planning process? Yeah, things like that happen when you re making a trip to a city as awesome as ours! Niche communities, themed shows, specialized tours and experiences, are kind of what we live for in this area. Just take a look at Opryland any day of the year that has a holiday attached to us and you will see what we mean.

Nashville, or Music City, as we fondly consider it, is one of those spots that has something for everyone and sometimes that can get overwhelming. Here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, we make a regular effort to ease the arranging of affairs for those of you tasked with picking an activity that will appease all members of your party. Go ahead and put us to the test, bookmark the blog page and read through our previous content. If there is a topic that needs to be highlighted, we either have a list for it already or are planning to cover it in the future. Past articles include subject matter from Happy Hour to Music Venues, and even a spotlight on “not” Country Musicians currently playing in the area. If there is a question you or someone from your party has that we have not answered, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook with any suggestions for future content. We are always happy to hear from you here at home base!

Speaking of home base, have you hear about our #BarBike tours yet? The Eco-friendly, exciting and affordable way to get to know Nashville with a local host, our #BarBike tour is a fun experience for (over 21) adults to explore the area and jam out to their favorite tunes! Head over to our FAQ tab if you would like to learn more about the #BarBike and book a tour for your next event. You can also stick around until the end of this article (like you were planning to anyway, right?) and have the chance to read a little blurb about the #BarBike that we find any reason to brag about.

Nashville Bar & Pub Crawls – The Best Way to Take in The Scene

For now, back to why you are here to begin with. Bar Crawls are one solid option for people who want to get to know more than just one venue during a short visit to the city. Along with another excuse to head out to drink with our favorite bartenders, servers and bands, the Bar Crawl life is truly another excuse to celebrate the holiday season with more themes, decorations and costumes. Here in Nashville, we take any chance we get to get extra with the festivities. This week, here on the Nashville Bar Bike Blog, we wanted to spotlight a few themed Bar Crawls that are scheduled for the upcoming months. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what we have going on here in Music City! We are bound to feature more themed events in the upcoming months. Busting out the tinsel and lights from the first chill in the air is something we can’t help but get stoked for every year in Nashville.

October & Halloween Pub Crawls

Crawl With Us - Halloween Pub Crawl 2021

Crawl With Us – 4th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl

Oct. 30th | 4pm – 12am
Calling this event the “scariest” bar crawl should be enough to get Halloween lovers invested in the experience but wait, there is something even better going down in Nashville at the 4th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl in Nashville. Along with access to many of your favorite bars and no cover charge, there is a costume contest happening. Winning this costume contest means the ultimate treat of $1,000! What better excuse to get all themed up than the chance to win some cash? This is like trick-or-treating, but for grown ups! A professional photographer will even be available to capture your spookiest moments, whether it be during the actual crawl or the after party!


Booth Life Halloween Stranger Things Bar Crawl 2021

Booth Life’s Upside Down Bar Crawl

Oct. 31th | 3pm – 11pm
For those of us who have a love for Stranger Things come Boothlife’s Halloween Upside Down Bar Crawl! Portal to another world while dressed up as your favorite alternate world Character & enter to win a grand prize for being the best dressed costume! Demigorgons & Bad Men Welcome!


BarCrawlerz Halloween Event 2021 Nashville

Trick or Drink: Nashville Halloween Bar Crawl

Oct. 29th 6pm – Nov. 1st 2am
On the very last weekend of October, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and Trick or Drink is going all out with a 3 day event full of the best drink specials in town. Miss Kelli’s Karaoke Bar, BigShotz and Famous Saloon are only a handful of the venues participating. From Friday 10/29 – Sunday 10/31, you can experience Nashville’s night scene for a fraction of the normal cost. Pre-order your wristband now and enjoy no cover charge for all three nights, we expect to see you all in full costume for the event!


December & Christmas Pub Crawls

Booth Life Halloween Stranger Things Bar Crawl 2021

Santa Crawlz Down Broadway

Dec. 1th 6pm – Dec. 12th 9pm
If you are the type of person who starts playing Christmas Music from the moment that November ends (maybe even before that, we won’t judge you here) and can’t get enough Holiday specials or flavored coffees, you will want to take advantage of this Santa themed experience. Proceeds benefit Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library so not only can you get some fun in wandering down Broadway St amongst all the Santa suits, you can help the community all at the same time! Get creative with your costumes, there is never such a thing as “too much” Christmas cheer when you are in Nashville during the colder months. All you have to do once you’ve purchased your ticket is to make sure to bring an unwrapped children’s book for donation to the library. We can’t wait to see you there from December 11-12 this year!


xmas bar crawl nashvlille

12 Bars of Christmas 4th Annual Christmas Crawl

Dec. 11th | 3pm – 10pm
The 4th Annual 12 Bars of Christmas Crawl® is coming to town Saturday December 11th, 2021 from 3pm-11pm!! Put on your best holiday onesies, Santa suits, ugly sweaters, and elf costumes! It’s the most wonderful crawl of the year! Tis’ the season to be crawlin dressed up like Santa Claus, so we look forward to seeing you there!


Year Round Crawls

Music City Pub Crawl - New Years Crawl

Music City Pub Crawl

Looking for a fun thing to do in Nashville? The Music City Pub Crawl is Nashville’s most popular and original pub crawl.  It’s also Nashville’s best tour deal.  We are more than just a bar crawl.  We mix the fun of a bar crawl, with entertaining history, stories from the city’s past, silly toasts and talented guides, and activities that get the group mingling.  At $20 it’s the best deal in town.  Beware of all-inclusive tours charging exhorbent rates and throwing in a few bottom-shelf party shots. We provide the most bang for the buck, and let you choose the drinks you like.


Hot Chicks Pub Crawl Nashville logo 2

Honky Tonk Pub Crawls

Don’t be fooled by the imitations. A pub crawl in Music City that doesn’t give you the experience of music isn’t a real pub crawl! Other “pub crawls” last only 2 hours and only go to 3 bars…and you don’t even get to listen to the wonderful music that Nashville has to offer. Instead, they entertain you with TRIVIA? Really?! That’s not what I call entertainment! With the Honky Tonk Pub Crawl, you see MORE historical spots, hear MORE stories, and listen to MORE music than on any other tour in Music City. You’ll be Drinkin’ and Learnin’ and Laughin’ all the way!

Patrons will not only get a good time, but they will receive discounts and freebies to bars and restaurants downtown. If you use all the discounts that we provide, the tour practically pays for itself!! You’ll get much more bang for your buck than with other tours. The pub crawl tour lasts approximately 3-hours. The ghost hunt tour lasts approximately 2-hours. All participants must sign a waiver of release prior to the tour.


Ghost City Tours - Pub Crawl Nashville

Nashville Ghost Tours Pub Crawl

Join Ghost City Tours in one of the most haunted cities in America, Nashville. We offer what many consider to be the best ghost tours in Nashville. You can join us on an all-ages ghost tour, our adults-only ghost tour, or a haunted pub crawl We’re more than excited to be in Nashville and cannot wait to take you and your family on a haunted adventure in Nashville.


The Ville Tours Pub Crawl Nashville

All-Inclusive Pub Crawl

You ask and they delivered. The Ville Tours pub crawl is Nashville’s No. 1 rated all-inclusive pub crawl is now available for Night-Time Tours! Their walking All-Inclusive Pub Crawl goes through downtown Nashville’s Lower Broadway entertainment district, their Pub Crawl stops at several iconic honkey tonks and staples of downtown Nashville. The Ville’s all-inclusive tour includes samples of local craft brews, Nashville specialty drinks and Tennessee moonshines.

A 2 hour guided Pub Crawl tour through Lower Broadway features local cocktails at each stop, including a VIP Fanny Pack. Must be 21+ with a Valid ID



Did you know that you can even book a private pub/bar crawl for your own private events? Imagine taking your bridal parties out for a bar crawl in Nashville, or even Grandma’s 75th birthday, the possibilities are virtually endless! What we are saying here is the same as always, if you can think of it, we probably already have something going on that fits the needs of whatever your party comes up with. Nashville has a knack for trying to make folks feel at home no matter why they are here or where they have come from. Stay watching out for more articles from us as various holidays approach, there’s always something happening in the streets, venues and local businesses of Nashville.

Well there you have it, just another list of places to have the most fun possible while visiting us here in Nashville. Though we are recognized by the world as “Music City’ here in the states, there is always so much more going on than live music shows, even if we do love our live performances. You can take a look back at one of our recent posts about venues in the area if music is why you’re visiting though, we regularly cover music-themed topics and are always looking for more to play with. If you can think of it, or can’t, the Nashville Bar Bike Blog is here to make sure that you get to find out all of the best secrets of the city, including the Nashville Bar Bike.
Now that you’ve made it through our main topic for the day, let’s take a second to focus on the real reason you came by our humble blog today. When you are making a list of activities to do with your family, friends, coworkers, or any other group of adults, there is always that moment when you have a tough time considering something that the entire group can enjoy. Our Nashville Bar Bike is the perfect solution to your needs. Our tour bike can fit up to 15 people on board for a just under two-hour tour of our favorite city in the entire country. That’s Nashville, in case you weren’t paying attention so far. With tickets starting at just 25$ per rider AND you can BYOB, you will be hooked on the experience from the very first tour stop. Hop on up to the #BarBike and get to know the city with a skilled tour guide who is always happy to answer any questions you might have. We can’t wait to see you!