Here on the Nashville Bar Bike blog, we have been known to get excited about a photo op or two, but who could blame us? Nashville, Tennessee is one of those cities that seems like it was made just for Instagram posts. Filter or not, this city has always been hip, no matter what lens is taking the focus. Whether you’re trying to figure out just how many murals the city is home to (just a hint, it’s a lot) or going after the prime location to live stream, Nashville has the backdrop straight out of your dreams.

Throughout history and every day since, Downtown Nashville has been home to photos that would later become part of the iconic past that has lead to the creation of America’s favorite city of music. Whether you’re trying to walk the same streets that Elvis and Johnny Cash did by standing in front of the Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Grand Ole Opry, or heading towards the lips mural for something a bit more modern, there is always a backdrop available, and there’s usually a story behind the location. This week, here on the blog, we wanted to not just take some time to let you know where to plan your best selfies, but to also shine a bit of light on historic areas that were once staples of the community and are still standing, ready to be photographed. History fanatics and hashtag lovers can unite here in Nashville, a melting pot of a city if you’ve ever seen one.

Let’s start with a few murals that we’ve come to love here in Nashville. While we just don’t have the space to list all of the city’s murals (there are far too many to catch them all in one single post) we will share a couple of our favorites. A “where to take photos” list in Nashville would just be incomplete without them. Keep reading on to learn a bit about the Grand Ole Opry, stay until the end to find out a location that is public, but not as well known like the others. You’ll want to see what that’s about.

Drippy Lips Mural

Hipsters will flock to the Drippy Lips Mural in droves to capture the aesthetic offered by this mural in Hillsboro Village. Painted by Donald “Drawbertson Robertson” the Drippy Lips are exactly that, a bunch of perfectly executed lips in the brightest red, on a rustic brick wall. This mural is high on the list of places where the lighting always seems perfect regardless of timing.

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XO Nashville Mural

What better option for the gram than a backdrop that will make you look as though you’ve stepped right out of a greeting card? XO Nashville is a piece that sits on Broadway Place, painted by Tara Marie Aversa, you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the giant flowers with a grey square nestled in the center. Stop in and take a selfie to show off your adoration for hugs and kisses at XO Nashville Mural.


Flowers Mural

Speaking of floral backdrops that were seemingly made for social media exposure, the Flowers Mural is more than a ton of random plants painted all over a wall. Truly a piece of art, the painting style on this mural is less realistic than you’d normally see on a flower based backdrop. Dramatic, stunning, insistent upon itself in the best way, you won’t go wrong with a trip down 12th Avenue South to see the Flowers mural.

Hint: With so many colors in this particular mural, everyone’s outfits should match the backdrop with little to no planning, if that sort of thing is important to you.


No Selfies

For the rulebreaker types out there, have a fun time blatantly ignoring the instructions listed on the pink “No Selfies” mural by Adrian Saporiti on Woodland Street. Go for the ironic statement, or just go against the rules because you can, just make sure that what you’re wearing matches with pastel pink.


Nashville, being one of the country’s most infamous stops on any musical journey, is stocked to the brim with landmarks and stages that have hosted an array of the biggest names in country and western music. When you’re thinking back to the music you grew up listening to, chances are that regardless of your age, there’s someone who’s songs you could have heard on the Grand Ole Opry. Because of that program’s significance in the city and the music industry in general, we could not make this list without mentioning both buildings, old and new. Historically, the Ryman Auditorium is famous for housing the show up until the Grand Ole Opry House’s construction years later. Music lovers and history fans will get a kick out of a selfie at either location.

Ryman Auditorium

When you’re in Nashville, a must stop on your list of places to be is the Ryman Auditorium. Not only was this infamous auditorium the original home of the Grand Ole Opry, but the location is still known for housing the occasional episode or Christmas special. Pictures of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and even Taylor Swift can be found of members and guests of the Grand Ole Opry throughout the years, whether it be in the Ryman or their current building on Opryland Drive.

From 1943 to 1974, Ryman Auditorium was home to the country and western music show that changed lives of performers and audiences for years, and still does today. Most notably, Johnny Cash met his wife June at the Grand Ole Opry, reason enough to want photos in and outside of this historic monument. Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and Reba McEntire all graced the Ryman stage over the thirty one years that the Opry was operating within those walls. If there was ever an excuse to dress up in classic Rockabilly garb and take some adorable selfies, here it is.

Find the Ryman Auditorium at 116 5th Avenue North in Nashville and take a look at their tour offers. While taking photos outside doesn’t cost anything, the tours are worth checking out if you’d like a chance to immerse yourself in over 100 years worth of country music history memorabilia. Self guided tours are even available.

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Grand Ole Opry House

Though the Grand Ole Opry did return to Ryman Auditorium at one point due to flooding back in 2010, the Grand Ole Opry House on 2804 Opryland Drive has been the home to this incredible show since 1974, when it was built specifically to house the program. By this time, the show was so infamous that even president Nixon was on the opening night guest list. After being a staple of the country and western music scene for close to 100 years (and still growing) there’s loads of historical significance and plenty of photo op spots. You can book a tour to go inside and stand on the same stage where hundreds of your favorite musicians and artists have stood, the prime spot for a selfie or two. Weekly shows have even started back up again. There’s truly no better experience than documenting a visit to the spot that was made by the greats and keeps living up to expectations. Even if you’re not the selfie type, a visit to the Grand Ole Opry House should be on your list.

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Top Secret Spot!?

Finally, you’ve made it to the end of this post (or skipped through to the good part, which is also fine as long as you’ve bookmarked the blog to stay up-to-date with us) and that means we are going to let you in on somewhat of a secret. Did you know that there’s a view of the light up bridge and skyline that does not require you to pay to enter a rooftop? Hard to believe, right? Well, believe it. Located behind the Ascend Amphitheater is a walking path that you can find on Korean Veterans Blvd. Not only is the view out of this world, but there’s swing benches and an open area to hang out in. When you want to truly encompass the view of Nashville that we all love to see each night, you can take a break from all the noise and bustle of the city without having to go very far. From this spot, your selfies can be charmed with the skyline or light up bridge as a background. While this spot might not yet be mentioned on any other lists, we here at Nashville Bar Bike are happy to share it with you. Relaxing in a way that the busy cities are not, this place is where you can take a load off and see/photograph one of the prettiest areas that Nashville has to offer.



So there you go, a short list of places you’d do well to visit if you’re on a mission for a proper selfie. Don’t let this list limit you though, the possibilities are endless in Nashville. With a city this beautiful, you might want to buy some more storage for your phone, you’ll be taking photos all day and night no matter what street you end up on. Buildings with and without murals that have stood the test of time, new, hip restaurants and shops, skyline views and more are waiting for you here in Nashville and all of us on the #BarBike are always hyped to tell you all about them. Truly, our ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone who comes to visit leaves knowing that they had a great time, and made plenty of memories along the way. That’s why we post new blogs every month, to make your trip easier and let you know what’s available at any given time. If you’re new to Nashville or just curious to see what’s changed over the years, you can only benefit from bookmarking the blog. Who knows? Maybe we will cover this topic again, there’s plenty of material to discuss in landmarks alone. Nashville is a beautiful city, one you’ll want to take selfies in whether you intended to or not.

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