Transport Entertainment – Fun on the move in Nashville

Nashville is one of the top destination cities in the United States, boasting many beloved establishments. The Music City offers a plethora of great physical sites including Music Row, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, the Johnny Cash Museum, Honky-Tonks on Broadway Street, and food joints offering the city’s famous Hot Chicken. There are so many places to go, you might as well have fun on the way! For as many great places as there are to visit, there are just as many great ways to get around.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the transport entertainment options offered in Nashville. This list is a great start for those tasked with planning a party in the Music City. Use this as a guide for Nashville bachelorette party ideas. Party planners can use this to find the best party bike in Nashville or the best party bus in Nashville. The list will also open up some other ideas, such as Nashville’s best party boat and Nashville’s best tractor ride. You may find Nashville’s best pub crawl on this list. Whether you are planning a family vacation, couple’s retreat, birthday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or a corporate outing be sure to check out Nashville’s burgeoning Transport Entertainment Industry.

Party on a Bike in Nashville

Why just visit a bar when you can also pedal it? Spend a couple hours on a party bike on your trip. Up to 16 passengers pedal a bar on wheels around downtown Nashville. Lively drivers and bartenders make the trip worthwhile pouring your drinks, playing your favorite songs, and initiating group games. The party bike experience is not limited to the vehicle, the bikes make a stop at one to two bars during the tour. The stops are great for a quick shot and using the facilities. Do not worry about the topography in Nashville, the bikes are equipped with a motor assist to help you up some of those steep hills. The bikes are open to people of all athletic ability. There are seats on the party bike that require no pedaling at all; however, the majority of participants should plan on mild pedaling. Party bike seats may be booked individually or the entire bike may be booked by a private party. Private party bookings are especially popular for birthday, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. Party bikes are available for rent 7 days a week, generally between the hours of 10am and 10pm. These bars on wheels allow the consumption of alcohol and thus are generally utilized by those 21 and over.

 Pro Tip: High heels, sandals, and very loose clothing are not conducive to pedaling.

Party on a Truck in Nashville

Embrace Nashville’s southern roots and book your party in the back of a truck. The first choice is the hardest: what kind of truck do you want to ride? If you want to party in the bed of a stretch pickup truck, you may want to consider Nashville Party Barge or Sprocket Rocket Party Trucks. If you are looking for something a little higher off the ground, Joy Ride offers a lifted “monster truck,” Music City Party Fire Engine offers a fire engine, and Hell on Wheels offers a retired military truck. Once you choose the truck, sit back and enjoy the rides, tunes, and fresh air. Private and public tours are available on most trucks. The tours typically last an hour and a half to two hours. The trucks usually offer coolers to place your alcoholic beverages, though glass is not allowed. The tours usually make at least one pit stop at a bar. Private tours on these trucks are often fairly customizable, so don’t be shy with your desired routes. These trucks are usually open to customers all of ages.

Pro Tip: Bring your best dance moves. 

Military/Fire Trucks

Pickup Trucks

Party on a Trailer in Nashville

If pedaling doesn’t tickle your fancy and being chauffeured in the rear of a vehicle is not your thing, no problem, you can be towed! What major city in the United States doesn’t have tractor rides? Unfortunately, the answer is all of them except Nashville. The Music City is home to multiple tractor tour operators. Giant farm equipment with booming sound systems can take you around downtown for an approximately two-hour tour. These tractor tours are great for larger groups, as they generally tend to offer more seating capacity. If your group needs more from their trailer than just seating, do not worry as some trailers are equipped with hot tubs. Be sure to book your tickets in advance, these party trailers will not pick up anyone on the street. Like most of these tours, generally it is BYOB and coolers are provided. Remember to leave the glass at home. Private and public tours are available. Be aware that some of these vendors are only open to those 21 and over.

Pro Tip: Bring your sunscreen!

Tractor Trailers

Hot Tub Trailers

Party on a Bus in Nashville

Tried and true, the party bus scene is plentiful in Nashville. If you can dream up a bus, you can probably rent it for a few hours in the city. Trolley, yes. Double decker, yep. Limo bus, of course. Convertible bus, got you covered. Live DJ, check. Bartender, affirmative. Dance floor, absolutely. Charter bus, doable. Shuttle bus, attainable. Retired school bus, plentiful. Stripper pool, if you desire. Male dancers, uh-huh. Preplanned tours, an option.

Buses are a great way to create a custom adventure for a large group of people. Whether transportation is needed for a wedding, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or corporate event, there is a bus that can meet your needs. Seating can accommodate up to 60 people. Experiences can range from a high-class limousine bus for your corporate clients to a mobile bar complete with DJ and dance floor for an unforgettable bachelorette party. The possibilities are near endless when it comes to this heavily customizable transport entertainment option!

Pro Tip: Shop around, there are ample possibilities and price points.

Open Roof Party Buses

Partially Enclosed Party Buses

Enclosed Party Buses

Limo Buses

Party Boats & Cruises in Nashville

Transport entertainment is not limited to wheels on pavement, the party extends to the water as well. Your first choice is river water or lake water. If you choose lake, you can choose between captaining your own rental pontoon boat or being chauffeured on a pontoon boat by a captain. If you choose to hire a captained boat, you can further choose between a regular pontoon and double-decker pontoon. The captained party pontoon boats generally offer to pick your group up in downtown Nashville and transport you out to a local lake. Some of the double decker boats even offer a slide! Some of these boats offer service to those under the age of 21. You are generally welcome to bring refreshments, including alcohol and food. Glass is either discouraged or not allowed. Swimming in the lakes is encouraged and a huge draw of the trip. The river tour boats are located downtown and are larger than the lake boats, allowing for up to 45 guests and a dance floor. The river boat cruises offer great views of downtown Nashville; however, swimming is not allowed in the Cumberland River. No matter which boat you choose, a few hours on the water with a nice sound system and some cocktails is great way to spend part of your day in Nashville.

Pro Tip: Make sure you consider which body of water you want to visit, as the operators may operate in different rivers and lakes.

Captained Pontoon Boats – Lake

Rental Pontoon Boats – Lake

Downtown River Cruise

Party Old School…Horse Carriages

Nashville also offers horse carriage rides. Although horse carriages are not usually associated with the Nashville party scene, some horse carriages cater to bachelorette parties allowing for up to 15 passengers and BYOB. Horse carriage tours generally run 45 minutes to two hours in length. The tours can be taken day or night. There is a lot of customization available for your horse carriage experience. They do everything from simple transportation to historic tours to pub crawls. Consider having a good time with your equine friends while in Nashville. They may not all be equipped with booming sound systems, but it is a romantic way to see a beautiful city.

Pro Tip: Horse carriages are one of the few transport entertainment options that can be procured without advance reservations. Advance reservations are available.

Walking Party Tours in Nashville

Walking, the original transport entertainment, can be another great way to enjoy the city! Nashville has a lot of great walking pub crawls to consider. Tours generally run 2 to three hours. You can do these tours day and night. You can hit up honky-tonks or check out the craft breweries and local distilleries. Pub crawls can be public or private. Some companies can support large groups, with no set maximums. Small groups are also welcome with some providers offering private tours for less than ten people. Generally, touring includes 5 to 6 stops. If touring the libations of the city is not enough, consider adding a haunted aspect to your trip. Nashville offers a few haunted walking tours so you can embrace the super-natural.

Pro Tip: Walking tours are a party planner’s dream, as they are customizable and work well with both smaller and larger groups.

Pub Crawls/Tours

Ghost Tours

Additional Transport Entertainment Options

Golf Carts

The Music City offers golf carts that serve as low-speed, short-distance taxi alternatives. These golf carts can be found roaming all over downtown Nashville. You can just flag one down for a quick ride or a relatively cheap way to see the city. You can also book these vehicles in advance for tours. They offer multiple rental options, including sightseeing tours and pub crawls. These tours can be public or private. Keep their number handy if you need a short distance ride from Broadway Street back to your short-term rental.

Personal Jeep Tours

Groups between 2 and 10 can hire Jeep Wranglers to tour them around downtown. Enjoy the personable tour guide, as they chauffer you around the Music City with the top down. BYOB!

Top Down Tours | (615) 779-6227

Bicycle Rentals/Tours

Rent a bike from a bike share company or from a local bike shop and make your own way around the city. Bicycle tours are also available. Biking is a great way to ride off the ramifications of a hard night on Broadway Street.

Bike Share/Rentals
Bike Rentals/Tours

Hop-On-Hop-Off Tours

If you do not want to be tied down to a structured tour and want to browse the city at your own pace, the hop-on-hop-off tours may be just what you need. Operated by national tour companies, these buses provide a reliable service that hit all the top spots. Another added bonus of touring with these larger companies is that they are able to negotiate discounts at some of their drop-off points.

Kayak Tours

The Cumberland River runs through downtown Nashville. There are limited ways for visitors to enjoy the river, but a couple companies offer kayaking on the river. Kayaking down the Cumberland will give you a unique view of downtown Nashville. The kayak tour can last anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours and cover a distance up to 8 miles.

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