When you reserve a bar bike tour, we’re sure a lot of questions may pop into your head. This is a new and exciting experience and for most of our customers, it’s their first time as well. Some may have an idea of what to expect, while others like to have it all laid out before they book. So, we took the pleasure of outlining the whole experience from the very beginning to the end to give you a piece of mind. From booking your reservation to the very end of your experience, we’ve got the in’s and out’s for you to have the best time you can imagine. There’s truly no better way to dip your feet into downtown Nashville than a tour with us! So, without further ado, we present the ultimate BAR BIKE EXPERIENCE!


First things first, choose the right tour for you and your crew. We have two types of tours available; private tours and public tours. Public tours allow you to purchase individual seats for you and your friends, while private tours allow you to rent out the entire bike for your tour. Public tours require at least 6 people to operate and also allow multiple reservations (up to 15 people) so expect to make new friends! After you choose which tour you’d like, make your way over to our website and make your reservation. Dates are shown in calendar view, displaying the amount of seats available that day. Select the tour time that works best for the date you chose, insert payment info and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. This email is your guide, so be sure to read through it and share with the folks in your group! You’ll find guidelines for what to bring, a rundown of what to expect, pick up location and other rules to keep in mind.


Woohoo! You’re taking a tour with Nashville Bar Bike! Time to make a plan so everything goes smoothly. Our tours are “bring your own drinks” so be sure to pick some up before your tour! Here are a few liquor stores in the downtown area for your convenience.

701 Division St Nashville TN
8am-10pm Mon-Thursday
8am-11pm Saturdays
10am-6pm Sundays

209 3rd Ave S Nashville TN
10am-11pm Monday-Sunday

178 2nd Ave N
10am-11pm Monday-Sunday

You may bring whatever alcohol and mixers you like, just keep in mind that we don’t allow glass containers on the bike. Be sure to purchase plastic containers or just fill up a water bottle! We provide solo cups and coolers of ice to store your items. Next, find the best way to get to the meet up location, which will be listed in your confirmation email you received. Depending on the time of your tour, traffic and/or events downtown may affect the time it takes to arrive so plan accordingly.  Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled ride to have enough time to get everyone checked in and settled. We also recommend you use the restroom prior to your arrival, as you won’t have another opportunity until the break. We make a stop in the middle of the tour for a quick break. We unfortunately do not provide parking so we suggest you walk or ride share to your tour. Because this tour requires you to pedal, we recommend you wear the proper attire. Stay away from heels or open toe shoes to help prevent any kind of injury, dress appropriately for outside temperatures, and keep away from any loose, hanging fabric. Most importantly DO NOT forget to bring your I.D. We cannot allow you to ride without it and we really want to show you a good time so be sure to bring it! There is a small amount of storage for our customers so please refrain from any oversized bags.


It’s the day of your tour! Go ahead and make your way over to our pick up location. Remember to bring your booze, crew and identification. After arriving and meeting your driver, He/she will direct you on where to put your alcohol and suggest where you would be most comfortable sitting. Our seats adjust to most heights and your driver can show how to do so. After you are seated and settled have your I.D. out in front of you so our driver can check you in. After everyone is checked in and your bartender has served you your first round, the driver will ask for everyone’s complete attention while they will go over important do’s and don’ts for safety during the ride, what you can expect, how the music playlist will work, and let’s not forget about drinking games! After that, it’s time to get the party moving! You will then leave the pick-up location, making your way to lower Broadway all while drinking, pedaling, and singing all the way down to the Cumberland river. After 30 to 40 minutes you will make a stop next to a local honkytonk for a 15-20min break. Use this time to use the restroom, check-out the surrounding venues, take advantage of drink specials specially for our pedaling, photo opportunities or just sit back and rest your legs. Nearing the end of the tour, your driver will give you a 10min warning, or the Bar Bike equivalent of a last call for alcohol. This is so you can finish what you have in your cans/cups before the end of your tour on account of open containers being illegal on the street. We cannot allow you off the bike with containers that are not sealed. The ride will conclude with a big group photo! If you had any extra booze your driver will give that to someone in your group to take with you. If you feel they did a good job and went above and beyond to show you a wonderful time, tips are greatly appreciated!


It is the end of your tour and now you must part ways with your driver. Be sure to collect your belongings and leftover booze. We hope you had an incredible time and we are so happy that you spent part of your day with us. Really, we thank you. What do you do now? That’s easy, tell the world how great your time was. If you had an amazing time, please leave reviews on our google business page and trip advisor and like/follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you have any memorable moments from your trip with us, please tag us so we can share it as well! If you happen to see us on Lower Broadway throughout the rest of the day, we hope you dish out some high fives and keep the good times rolling!


Daytime tours

  • Better traffic flow for riding around and seeing the sites
  • A great way to start your day downtown
  • Warmer weather during the fall or early spring
  • Great way to pregame before a show or event

Nighttime tours

  • Traffic flow may be slower at certain points of the tour
  • Our bike lights are fantastic for those amazing shots of friends
  • Great way to work that amazing dinner off
  • Cooler temperatures without the sun beating down during those hot summer days.

What is the Nashville Bar Bike Best for?

You may be asking yourself, for what occasion should I plan to do this? Well because it’s awesome, for starters, but here’s some more ideas.

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor party
  • Birthdays
  • Employee team building
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Marriage proposals
  • A way to see downtown before diving head first into a honkytonk
  • Sports team celebration
  • Meet new people
  • Have a great time with family
  • (UNDER 21 ideas) Sweet 16, 18th birthday (note: if you have any underage folks, there can be no alcohol at any time on the bike and you will have to rent a private tour)

Party Decorations Etc…

What costumes or party decorations are okay to wear on your tour? Here are some thoughts/recommendations

  • If you have a hat make sure it is secure. I can get pretty windy depending on the time of year and what street we’re on.
  • Things like boas or beads can get into our chains if you’re not careful so please get weird responsibly
  • Your peacock feathers are gorgeous!
  • Glittered people are always met with gracious admiration

Changes due to weather?

We ride rain or shine all day and night, but we do monitor the radar and news closely. If your safety is ever in question, you will receive notice from us as soon as a decision is made to postpone, reschedule, or even cancel your tour. Our routes will also be subject to change depending on traffic, events, construction, and miscellaneous road closures. If for some reason we can’t operate around Lower Broadway at all, you will be notified about where your tour will happen as well as any/if any changes to our pick up location.

If you have more questions you feel were not answered in this post or in the FAQ on our website, feel free to contact us via phone or email anytime. We would love to help answer your questions.