Welcome to The Nashville Insider, as presented by the folks at NashvilleBarBike.com, we are excited to have you here reading with us today. Are you getting ready to tie the knot here in Nashville? Have you been scouring the internet in an attempt to find the best way to celebrate your bachelorette party before the big day? Well you have come across the right article, lucky you! Keep reading for a list of activities that will each feel hand picked to celebrate with your best group of friends. The possibilities are endless here in this crazy city and at Nashville Bar Bike, we are ready to help you find the best fit!

Drag yourself out of the hotel with the Queens

Throughout Nashville, the Drag community is vast, expansive and a truly unique experience to encounter when attending a show, or even a lunch event. When you are dressed up and ready to show out with the most fierce and fabulous performers that Nashville has to offer, you plan for a sit down with these queens. If laugher is the best medicine, we could consider all of these performers to be doctors as well.

Illusions Drag Show Logo Nashville

Illusions Drag Show

Tributes to the classic pop icons you’re obsessed with, more laughs than you can handle and a fantastic meal, Illusions Drag Show is legendary. From Thursday – Sunday, you will want to plan a visit to BigShotz on 2nd ave for either breakfast or lunch with a cast of delightful characters.


Dueling Drag Show Logo Nashville

Dueling Drag Show

Only available on Saturday and Sunday every week, make your way over to Bowies on 3rd ave to see the Music City Dolls performance of a lifetime. Proud of being the first dueling Drag show in all of Nashville, this is the production that you get to be a part of. You might even win the duel and leave with a prize of your own. For those who want to be involved in the show directly, the Dueling Drag Show will pull members of your group on stage before you even realize what’s going on.


Union Tavern Sunday Drag Lunch Logo Nashville

Union Tavern Sunday Drag Lunch

Sunday brunch in the middle of downtown Nashville is already a winning idea, only an insane person is going to turn down a great brunch session with friends. The only way to make an already flawless choice that much more enticing would be by adding the rotating cast of Nashville based Drag queens as hosts for the event. Maybe you should go ahead and book your stay at the Bobby Hotel so you won’t have the chance to miss out on the Union Tavern Sunday Drag Lunch that goes down every week.


Obsess over some hot guys

Traditional media has regularly featured a female stripper being hired as a gift to husbands-to-be during their bachelor parties, sort of one last hurrah before taking on the ball and chain. Now, in the post Magic Mike era, there are more than enough male stripper fantasies being lived out and we can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate getting married with your girls. Bring your tips and get ready to have the time of your life, maybe even get your future mother in law to crack a smile or two.

Unleashed Male Strip Club

Unleashed Male Strip Club

One of the nation’s largest male revue shows, Unleashed in Nashville brings the heat and fulfills the fantasy of all attendees. Bachelorette parties who want to really take advantage of their bride’s last night as a “free woman” will flock to this two hour show ready to party hard. Uniforms, costumes and some of the hottest guys you’ll find in Nashville are waiting to give you the night of a lifetime.


Music City Gents Logo Nashville

Music City Gents

Cowboy burlesque seems like one of those combinations that seems like it could only happen in a dream, right? Well, Music City Gents makes all of your dreams come true, even including an extra 10% off of a Party Pontoon ride with the purchase of your party’s tickets. Ask about the discounts that come with their bachelorette party package, the Music City Gents go above and beyond to take care of their bridal parties.


Take your fun and make it mobile

When you don’t want to have to walk, or navigate traffic through downtown Nashville’s more regularly inhabited areas, you don’t have to try hard to find a company that will take you on an epic ride. Choose from a number of safe, fun and exciting party ride options and let your designated driver take on the task of dealing with downtown Nashville traffic.

Honky Tonk Party Express Bus Logo Nashville

Honky Tonk Party Express Bus

Two hours long and featuring a variety of tour packages, Honky Tonk Party Express Bus is a safe, dramatic and outlandish way to travel around Nashville for a day or evening. Boasting status as Nashville’s first and only roofless bus, the Honky Tonk Party Express Bus is a themed experience that keeps up to 25 guests enjoying everything that our city has to offer.


The Nashville Tractor Logo Nashville

The Nashville Tractor

When you’re partying in Nashville, seeing a giant tractor roll down the street is something that you’d think would be a joke made by locals. Well, there’s not much that we won’t do here in Nashville and The Nashville Tractor is ready to host your group for a ride unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You might end up with a tractor driver that will even pull out their guitar to keep the music going. No matter who your host is, the fun won’t stop from the moment you step up on to this giant ride.


Nashville Bar Bike - #1 Rated Party Experience in Nashville

Nashville Bar Bike

Though any of Nashville’s riding tours are worthy of choice for your bachelorette party, we are slightly partial to taking a ride with Nashville Bar Bike. Our Eco-Friendly option has enough room for up to 15 of your best friends and is an affordable way to get the blood flowing while getting to know Nashville. High energy hosts, music curated for your group and a wicked tour route all combine with Nashville Bar Bike.


Honky Tonk Dancing Lessons in Music City

From the moment you step foot into the downtown area of Nashville, there’s no escape from the dance halls, live music and flash mobs of people engaging in line dancing. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience with dancing, line or otherwise. There’s tons of lessons available throughout every week. Go ahead and book a dance class for some team building fun, and learn something to show off at the wedding.

Studio Goddess Logo Nashville

Studio Goddess

Women owned and operated, Studio Goddess is more than your average dance studio, seemingly tailor made to suit your bachelorette party. From classes that make you feel sexy to a tour of photo ready backdrops, this location on 8th St is ready to help you create lasting memories for this big life event. Check out their different packages and find the one that is right for your group.


Miss Fit Academy Logo Nashville

Miss Fit Academy

From the super conservative to the wild child types, Miss Fit Academy on Hermitage Ave is where you book a dance class when you want something that fits the needs of everyone involved. Strip tease, pole, line dancing and everything in between can be booked with Miss Fit. You will want to book your class early on, this one is popular and spots fill up quickly.


Spa day with the girls

Nashville might be known for having “party” reputation but that does not mean we don’t know how to relax. Spend your morning or afternoon at a number of spas and resorts right here in the city. Maybe even use this as a gift option to your bachelorette party, or the bride. No sane person would turn down an afternoon of pampering from any of these luxurious locations. Nashville is where people go to party, but also to relax and any of the spas we feature will take care of your group as if the wedding was personal. You might leave one of these locations feeling like an entirely new bridal party.

Woodhouse Spa Logo Nashville

Woodhouse Spa

Massages, body treatments, facials and even full ritual experiences come together for a package of spa services that will have you leaving without a care in the world at Woodhouse Spa in the Kimpton Aertson Hotel on Division St. Open every day until 7:30 pm (except Sunday when they close an hour earlier) book your full day to coincide with any and all wedding plans.


Luxe & Luna Boutique Spa Logo Nashville

Luxe & Luna Boutique Spa

Featuring a large list of spa services, Luxe & Luna Boutique Spa on 51st Ave can likely aid in anything you might consider. Hair removal, complexion correction, and lash tinting are only three choices outside of what you are used to seeing offered at spas. For a fully immersive spa day with professionals who go above and beyond, book a girl’s day at Luxe & Luna.


Class is in Session

Learning a new skill is a positive way to spend time with your bridal party. Knowledge is power and here in Nashville, someone, somewhere is ready to get you going with all types of classes and courses. Your group can leave Nashville with more than just memories, but something that will last them forever and can be practically applied in regular life.

Bar Bees Cocktail Class Logo Nashville

Bar Bees Cocktail Class

Taught by a local mixologist, Bar Bees Cocktail Classes are a fun way to learn something new about mixing drinks. Whether you choose to have the class come to you or go fully virtual, you are sure to learn something about the best drinks to mix from the best bartenders. Maybe your group will even forgo the bar experience after learning all that comes with this course.


Photo Walk Photography Classs Logo Nashville

Photography Class

Photowalk Nashville is a top rated photography tour, hosted with your group in mind. Professional photographers guide your group around the city, showing off the spots that are just dying to be photographed without any of the extra confusion of figuring out where you should go. Feel free to ask your host any questions you might have about getting the right shot, the folks at Photowalk Nashville are more than skilled and ready to get you the best photos.


Dabble Cooking Class Logo Nashville

Cooking Class


Dabble Events has more than just cooking classes, but we want to focus on the food today. Make a selection from Mexican favorites to Italian or even a “Night In Spain” for those wanting to get some worldly experience and get ready to learn how to impress anyone with your mad culinary skills. There’s more than what was mentioned to choose from but don’t worry, all of the cooking classes that Dabble Events has to offer can be made virtual as well. So if you have too much fun at one of the in person courses, you can even take the gift of learning with you when you go back home after the wedding. Be sure to take a look through their painting classes and tour options as well.



When you plan to celebrate your wedding in Nashville, you add your party to a long list of folks who have made this city a prime spot for your big day. While you can choose any city in the world, there is something about Nashville that stands out in people’s memories. Your big day is important to us and here at The Nashville Insider, we want to be sure that you have a variety to select from that is as unique as the people tying the knot.

Here’s to hoping that your bachelorette party plans have been made a little easier with the help of our article. Keep coming back to Nashville and keep coming back to The Nashville Insider for more tips on where to eat, drink, hang out and have fun when you’re here in Music City. There’s always something new to talk about and we are always pumped to talk about it at NashvilleBarBike.com!