Back in 2017, an idea was formed for a new shopping center, one with stores, activities, food and even an entertainment venue. Workers from every end of the spectrum got together to work on a dream that would eventually become a reality, no matter what curve balls would head their way, sometimes straight out of left field. On March 4th, 2021, even after the initial opening was pushed back dude to covid, big dreams were brought to life and doors opened to the public. Visitors from all over the city and country flocked out to see just what was up after all these years of talking and construction. The short wait was definitely well worth it.

If you find yourself right at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway St, across from the Bridgestone Arena, you’ll notice there is is a shopping center, entertainment venue, restaurant hub and much, much more that wasn’t there before. Proudly welcoming this hodge podge of activities meant not just for tourists, but locals too, Nashville is thrilled about the addition of 5th and Broadway. With the intent of drawing in everyone, the entire center is walkable and you’ll be able to easily access parking garages nearby. Convenience is the top priority for 5th and Broadway, and it shows. If you’ve been here to the Nashville Bar Bike blog, you’ll know that there’s really no need for ANOTHER excuse to visit Nashville but then again, if you’ve been here to the blog before, you’ll know that we will NEVER stop looking for excuses to brag about the city we love to live in so much. This new addition to the city just gives us another reason to show some pride for what we do here in Nashville, and that’s have a great time!

Known for its almost overwhelming sense of community, Nashville is the kind of city that wants you to visit and keep coming back. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, our favorite task is the same as always, we just want to be sure that you enjoy yourself whether you’ve never been here, are a frequent visitor, or just a local trying to expand your horizons. One thing that is undoubtedly true, you can live in Nashville and never even come close to seeing all there is to be seen. Even with all of the activities, restaurants and entertainment that we have covered, the city is constantly growing and changing, adding more and more, with no ceiling to cap us. 5th and Broadway has come in to provide a place for everyone, whether you’ve been here, live here or want to come visit here, and in turn wish to never leave. Even if you do decide that you want to stay, don’t forget to look into affordable housing options at The Place, with studio, one/two bedroom or penthouse apartments, truly a home away from home planted smack dab in the middle of all of the excitement at 5th and Broadway. Here’s a pro-tip for you, give their website a visit and in the “floor-plans” section of housing, you’ll see a banner at the top of the page explaining how to get six weeks of stay time for free, you’re welcome. Still looking for your reason to come out for a visit? Well just keep reading, there’s plenty to talk about.

While the word “ambitious” has been used to encompass a general description of this new development since the day it was initially pitched, we here at Nashville Bar Bike struggle to come up with a more fitting adjective. You won’t have to leave the area to find a meal no matter what time you’re feeling a bit peck-ish, or ready to feed the whole family. Shake Shack, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken and Cava are just a couple of names that are already open and ready to serve at 5th and Broadway, with other local and national chains being added regularly. Start your morning right at Elixr Coffee or stop in after lunch to Le Macaron for a French style pastry that is sure to ease the sweets craving and look adorable for Instagram pictures. If you’re in the mood to try a taste from multiple local businesses and vendors, the convenience of Assembly Food Hall is worth your time. Featuring menu items from more than twenty local culinary artists, you’re able to take your time tasting through some of our favorites, including the readily edible “No Bake” cookie dough that we just can’t get enough of here at Nashville Bar Bike. Along with being home to enough food options to serve the needs of all picky eaters, Assembly Food Hall is a venue that is easily able to accommodate parties of up to 2,500 people so don’t forget to give their website a look through if you’re in the market for a party spot that can hold everybody.

What better way to work up the day’s appetite than with a shopping spree and afternoon of pampering? At 5th and Broadway, you’ll find the most suiting montage backdrop imaginable for a day’s shopping adventures, makeovers and just general fun. Among names like Ray-Ban and Sephora, take a stroll through Molly Green, State & Liberty, or The Nash Collection, alongside various other shops, boutiques and salons to find the right fit for you. Keep an eye out here on the Nashville Bar Bike blog to find out more about the stores here at this great new spot. We will be updating our posts with listings of food, shopping and things to do at 5th and Broadway, along with all of the other incredible places and people that Nashville has to offer. Have you seen our past articles about restaurants in the city? Here in Nashville, there’s a little something for everyone who wants to come hang out and we at Nashville Bar Bike are always pumped to tell you all about it.

One thing about Nashville that is apparent from the moment you walk into any bar, store or general public area is this, we’re full to the brim with culture. People who create and are amazed by the creation of art, music and media of all kinds can be found regardless of your location while in Nashville and 5th and Broadway houses its own hodge podge of artistic talent. Even emerging artists can find a spot at Swipe Right Art, a studio and showcase gallery that specifically caters to creators that are a bit newer to the scene. Music lovers from all walks must take the time to visit the National Museum of African American Music, a 55,000 square foot space dedicated to showcasing over 50 genres of music that were initially created or greatly influenced by African Americans. Here in Nashville, and at 5th and Broadway, we are proud to be home to the first museum of this kind, hopefully one of many to come. There’s virtually no limit to the amount of culture covering the city, there’s definitely more than just award winning Country music coming out of Nashville.

Overall, there’s not one word that could truly encompass just what 5th and Broadway is, has to offer and will be in the future so we won’t try to. Musicians, artists, culture lovers and visitors of all kinds, near and far, are welcome to come explore the many floors of 5th and Broadway in Downtown Nashville. Treat yourself to a well rounded, fast or slow paced vacation all without the hassle of having to figure out how to navigate the entire city. With everything you need available in one convenient location, we’d be surprised if you never wanted to leave. Heck, there’s an option for that too, just look at the housing section of 5th and Broadway’s website to find out how to get a great deal on your first six weeks. With all there is to offer, you can tell that everyone involved in the creation of 5th and Broadway has sincerely gone above and beyond to create a central hub for locals, tourists, businesses and consumers from all lifestyles to flock towards. Keep checking right back here with us at Nashville Bar Bike as we get to know the area’s stores, restaurants, galleries and whatever other show might end up happening. We love to cover all of Nashville’s hottest happenings so this spot is bound to show up again, we couldn’t possibly resist talking more about it.

While you’re here on the blog, don’t forget to check out the FAQ section and find out more about how to book the tour of your dreams on the Nashville Bar Bike. Our tours are super affordable, starting at just 25$ a seat and can accommodate any style of party you can think of. Gather up your best friends, bridal party, or even just your usual Saturday night crew and hop on the Bar Bike for the tour right out of your wildest dreams. With a tour that shows off Nashville’s best, run by a host that is knowledgeable and a blast to ride with, you won’t regret taking a ride with us while you’re visiting. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, we hope to provide all visitors with an experience they will never forget!