Each day of 2021 has brought us closer to some new version of “normal” and the musicians are all stoked about it. Though the last year did try to separate us all from one another, the content creators and artists seemed to take the break from reality as a way to get closer to their crafts. Musicians especially have been caught up in the creation of new material for us to enjoy, and now we are able to go see the fruits of their labor at live shows again. Even if there are some “until further notice” rules in place about dance floors, we here at the Nashville Bar Bike Blog can’t wait to tell you about which venues are open again, opening for the first time, and never closed to begin with.

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and bookmark the blog while you’re here. There is no better way to keep up with all the best that Nashville has to offer than checking back with us anytime. Whether it’s chicken, Vegan food, a history lesson or a Happy Hour deal, you can be sure to find relevant information to your trip to Nashville here on the blog. While you’re here, if you’re on an epic search for an activity that is fun for all involved, take a moment to browse through the FAQ section to find out more about our #BarBike. The Bar Bike is an eco-friendly party on wheels that will guarantee a memory or two to be made. No matter what activity you choose though, Nashville has a bit of everything going on anytime you’re around, or anytime you’re not. Keep on reading to learn more on local venues and where to go when you need a musical fix in Nashville. There’s nothing we love more than music here in Nashville, you will not have to look far to find an epic show by someone you have heard of, or need to.

Ryman Auditorium

4.8 ★ First and foremost, the Ryman Auditorium is the type of building that just cannot be taken down, regardless of floods, global pandemics or any other sort of challenge thrown their way. Not only is the Ryman (original home to the Grand Ole Opry) open, they are hosting acts from all over the place. Country music has always found a home at the Ryman but this year, you can enjoy acts from Cody Johnson to Celtic Throne. If you’re curious to learn more about the Ryman’s history an what impact it made on even the independent artists, check back to our last post to read about the journey this building has taken in the last hundred years. Always first on the list of venues, the Ryman is a centerpiece to everything venue related here in Nashville, Tennessee. 📍 DIRECTIONS

Anzie Blue

4.5 ★ Head over to Anzie Blue for the live music, stay for the drinks and CBD options. Located right in the middle of Hillsboro Village, Anzie Blue has been mentioned in some of our past articles for the food, drink and CBD options. Now, we get to talk about how their ability to host musicians makes this spot a “must stop” if you’re in the mood for a new experience while in the city. What better way is there to relax than with infused snacks and wicked tunes? 📍 DIRECTIONS

The Basement East

4.7 ★ Cover bands, indie artists and even some bigger names have been flocking towards The Basement East for years, ready to rock the house every time. Full up with a schedule of musicians that make Nashville feel like Music City from the moment you walk inside, you can find The Basement East on Woodland Street. 📍 DIRECTIONS

City Winery Nashville

4.2 ★ What could possibly be better than a stage at City Winery Nashville? TWO stages are available at City Winery Nashville, both intimate and sure to be hosting a musician or band that you did not know you needed in your life. Well, look forward to filling the proverbial musical void within at City Winery on Lafayette Street. If you’re wanting to experience a prime deal, show up between 10:30am-2pm on Saturday/Sunday for bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and Rose. 📍 DIRECTIONS

Wild Horse Saloon

4.5 ★ You won’t want to go inside after getting caught up in their gorgeous view of the Cumberland River, but trust us. If you haven’t already heard of, or been inside of Wild Horse Saloon in historic Downtown Nashville, you’re missing out on a piece of modern history that encompasses all that the city stands for. Live country music, line dancing classes and who knows what else can be found on any one of the three stories that make up Wild Horse Saloon. Their house musicians are some that cannot be competed with, you’ll have to just find out for yourself. Go in, order a Sammy and get ready for a local experience that just cannot be beat by any other local venue. 📍 DIRECTIONS

Bourbon St Blues and Boogie Bar

4.7 ★ If the giant isn’t enough to catch your attention, the Blues music spilling out of Bourbon St Blue and Boogie Bar will be sure to drag you in, even if you weren’t planning to enjoy a show that night. For the last 25 years, Bourbon St Blues and Boogie Bar has resided in Printer’s Alley. A staple to Nashville’s ever growing music industry, this location has always held the highest in standards when considering who to hire for a gig. From Wednesday through Saturday, stop in after 4pm and enjoy a side of Blues with your Cajun food. 📍 DIRECTIONS

The East Room

4.5 ★ Not just a venue that opens doors to musicians, but anyone who wants to be on a stage, The East Room is open and operating, housing all that want to make a statement. On Gallatin Ave in Nashville, head to this location for everything from music to theater performances, and even stand up comedy every Tuesday. Tickets are first come, first serve at the door so be sure to plan ahead if you’re wanting to see something specific at The East Room. 📍 DIRECTIONS

Mercy Lounge

4.6 ★
When a smaller, more intimate vibe is the one you’re after, you are bound to find a small stage or two to enjoy in Nashville. Nothing can quite compete with the experience of watching a show in a room that cannot seat more than 500 people. Mercy Lounge is one of those little venues located on Cannery Row and is understood to be one heck of a good time regardless of who is on the bill that day. Though the business has since expanded, with the full Cannery Ballroom and The High Watt added to Nashville’s Historic Cannery building, you can have whatever type of concert experience needed for your trip. Check out Mercy lounge and the Cannery’s other venues anytime, you might be surprised to see who shows up.


Marathon Music Works

4.7 ★ Marathon Music is more than just an excuse to get one of “Daddy’s Dogs” when you find yourself in the mood to enjoy a hot dog that is out of this world. Able to seat up to 750 people in their theater, Marathon Music Works is where you want to go for affordable tickets and big names. Check out their website for a list of upcoming show times, there is virtually no limit to the style of music that will come through this venue on Clinton St in Nashville. 📍 DIRECTIONS

Legends Corner

4.6 ★ When it’s located on Broadway in downtown Nashville, you know the tunes will rock, roll, jump, jive and shake all of your bones and Legend’s Corner is legendary for doing just that. Find yourself at Legends Corner, right outside of the Nashville Convention Center when you want Country music and nothing else. Known for being somewhat of an upscale “dive” bar, Legends Corner makes a point to find and hire the greats of country music, even if they have not been discovered yet. Find yourself at Legends Corner for the music, stick around a spell for the insane drink prices. 📍 DIRECTIONS

3rd and Lindsley

4.6 ★
Boasting “Good Music. Good Food. Good Friends.” 3rd and Lindsley is where you go out for dinner and a show when you want to eat good. Their full menu is stocked with tons of food and drinks, not to mention all of the performers that grace the stage. When options are what you crave, take a look at who’s going to be playing at 3rd and Lindsley on 3rd avenue. After being in the game since 1991, you know the visit will be worth much more than a quick lunch date.



Here on the Nashville Bar Bike blog, we have a knack for figuring out what you need to know when planning a trip to the city, or live here already and just want something new to do on a random weekend. With all that has been happening in the last two years, some people were worried about the effect it would all have on live music and other performances. Though the struggle has been particularly real, it was nothing that Nashville couldn’t handle and we are proud of the community for making it to where we are. Now that mandates are being lifted and venues can allow guests again, we cannot wait to get out there and start seeing live shows again. This list is just a small handful of spots to go when you get the itch for some music. Even though Nashville is known for the Country Music that seems to pour from every inch of the city, there’s something to be said for all the genres being housed in one location. Nashville truly is Music City, and one visit to any of these locations will prove that easily.

No matter what your vibe is, who you’re bringing, or how much time is available during your stay here in the city, there’s music to be found. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see one of the big names at the Ryman, or one of the soon-to-be stars that frequent our bars and smaller venues. Either experience is one that will impress, standards aside. Here at Nashville Bar Bike, we love attending concerts and performances of all shapes and sizes, there’s no more fulfilling way to spend your time, unless (of course) you decide to book a tour on the #BarBike.

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